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Imagine empowering your designers and engineers to do their best work, with more flexibility and efficiency than ever before. Now, imagine doing all of this remotely, over your network, easily and securely.

The new NVIDIA GRID™ Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) is ideal for any in-house design shop or small to medium-sized business looking to deliver complex design applications to their users remotely. This powerful GPU-based system sends the graphics output from applications like those from Adobe®, Autodesk®, and SolidWorks® over the network to be displayed on a Windows, Mac or Linux client.

This remote GPU acceleration and turnkey simplicity gives users the same rich graphics experience they would get from an expensive, dedicated workstation under their desk.


> Turnkey simplicity, easy installation and management
> Enhanced security because the GRID VCA is a stateless device—valuable files and data sets are stored on NAS, not locally
> Workstation-class graphics with NVIDIA Kepler architecture
> Delivers graphics-intensive applications over the network to 8 concurrent users
> Full integration—all hardware and software needed to support up to 8 users in one box
> Designers get high-end NVIDIA GPU performance on any Windows, Mac, or Linux PC.
> Highest quality-of-service for each user
> Compact 4u form factor for easy mounting into a server rack. Or take the GRID VCA on site for secure project work.
> Support by professional application ISVs including Adobe, Autodesk, and SolidWorks

GRID VCA Configuration

GPU 8 Kepler GPUs
GPU Memory 32 GB - 4 GB per user
System Memory 256 GB - 30 GB per user
CPU type 2 Intel Xeon, 8 core CPUs
CPU Cores 16
Network Interface 2 10 GB and 2 1 GB Ethernet
Number of Users Up to 8 concurrent


NVIDIA GRID Visual Computing Appliance